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Current Affairs for Engineering Service Exam

Video Lectures and Test Series for ESE 2019

 Topics list:

  1. National and International Issues on
    1. Economic Development
    2. Social Development
    3. Industrial Development
  2. Energy and Environment
    1. Energy
    2. Environment
  3. Information and Communication Technology
    1. Technology
    2. Application
  4. The Key Initiatives of Government
  5. General Knowledge

Topic 1:Economic development

Dairy Processing & Infrastructure Development Fund (DIDF)

A new scheme the Dairy Processing & Infrastructure Development Fund (DIDF) has been initiated by the government.


  • It aims to benefit 95 lakh milk producers in 50,000 villages and provide both direct and indirect employment to many skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers.
  • To provide financial assistance for providing self employment opportunities in various activities from milk production to marketing.
  • Funding will be in the form of interest bearing loan, which will flow from NABARD to NDDB/NCDC and in turn to eligible End Borrowers.

Objectives of the scheme:

  • To modernize the milk processing plants and machinery and to create additional infrastructure for processing more milk.
  • To create additional milk processing capacity for increased value addition by producing more dairy products.
  • To bring efficiency in dairy processing plants/producer owned and controlled dairy institutions, thereby enabling optimum value of milk to milk producer farmers and supply of quality milk to consumers.
  • To help the producer owned and controlled institutions to increase their share of milk, thereby providing greater opportunities of ownership, management and market access to rural milk producers in the organized milk market.
  • To help the producer owned and controlled institutions to consolidate their position as dominant player in the organised liquid milk market and to make increased price realisation to milk producers.

Read more at: PIB

RBI eases ECB hedging norms

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has eased hedging norms for companies that raise funds through external commercial borrowings (ECB).


  • The mandatory hedge coverage has been reduced from 100% to 70% under Track I of the ECB framework.
  • The ECBs raised prior to this circular would be required to mandatorily roll over their existing hedge only to the extent of 70% of outstanding ECB exposure.
  • The move will help reduce costs for companies that raise foreign funds.

Track I of the ECB framework:

It refers to medium-term foreign currency-denominated ECBs with a minimum average maturity of 3-5 years.

External Commercial Borrowings:

  • The External Commercial Borrowings or ECBs is the financial instrument used to borrow money from the foreign sources of financing to invest in the commercial activities of the domestic country
  • They facilitate access to foreign money by Indian corporations and PSUs.

About Hedge fund:

  • A  hedge fund is an investment fund that pools capital from accredited individuals or institutional investors and invests in a variety of assets, often with complex portfolio-construction and risk-management techniques.
  • It is administered by a professional investment management firm, and often structured as a limited partnership, limited liability company, or similar vehicle.

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Topic 1:Social development

Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme

Health Ministry launches Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) segment of Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP) in seven states.


  • The initiative will provide near-real-time data to policy makers for detecting outbreaks, reducing the morbidity and mortality and lessening disease burden in the populations and better health systems.
  • IHIP uses the latest technologies and digital health initiatives.

About Integrated Health Information Platform:

To provide interoperability of various EHR systems already implemented, An Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP) is being setup by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW).


  • To enable the creation of standards compliant Electronic Health Records (EHRs) of the citizens on a pan-India basis along with the integration and interoperability of the EHRs through a comprehensive Health Information Exchange (HIE) as part of this centralized accessible platform.
  • IHIP is envisaged to enable better continuity of care, secure and confidential health data/records management, better diagnosis of diseases, reduction in patient re-visits and even prevention of medical errors, better affordability, optimal information exchange to support better health outcome, better decision support system, and thus eventually facilitating improvement in the reforms of treatment and care of public health at National-Level.

Benefits of IHIP:

  • Provides a vehicle for improving quality and safety of patient care by reducing medication and medical errors
  • Stimulates consumer education and patients’ involvement in their own health care
  • Increases efficiency by eliminating unnecessary paperwork
  • Provides caregivers with clinical decision support tools for more effective care and treatment
  • Eliminates redundant or unnecessary testing
  • Improves public health reporting and monitoring
  • Creates a potential loop for feedback between health-related research and actual practice
  • Facilitates efficient deployment of emerging technology and health care services
  • Provides the backbone of technical infrastructure for leverage by national and State level initiatives
  • Provides a basic level of interoperability among electronic health records (EHRs) maintained by  individual physicians and organizations
  • Reduces health related cost

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Topic 2 : Environment

SSB to patrol Dudhwa tiger reserve

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve and Sashastra Seema Bal have joined hands to provide security to Dudhwa forests and its rich wildlife.

Key Facts:

  • A consensus was reached among all security agencies including SSB on the border and the Dudhwa field staff to strengthen the patrolling in and around Dudhwa to check forest and wildlife crimes.
  • It will enable intelligence and information sharing among various security agencies about activities of wildlife and forest criminals.

About Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

  • It is protected area in Uttar Pradesh
  • It comprises Dudhwa National Park, Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary and Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • It shares north-eastern boundary with Nepal, which is defined to large extent by Mohana River.
  • It is also home to swamp deer, sambar deer, barking deer, spotted deer, hog deer, Indian rhinoceros, sloth bear, ratel, jackal, civets, jungle cat, fishing cat, etc. along with Tigers

Read more at: The Hindu

Topic 2 : Energy

India becomes largest renewable energy auctions market in the world

Climatescope 2018 report by Bloomberg NEF (BNEF).  Reported that India has become the largest market globally for auction of new renewable energy generation projects and the second-largest destination attracting clean energy investments.


  • India’s renewable auctions market is the largest in the world. Over 11 Gigawatt (GW) of projects were awarded through auctions in 2017 resulting in the best year for solar capacity as installations jumped by 90 per cent over the year.
  • India has secured second place in the global ranking driven by its policy thrust towards renewables and increasing investments in the clean energy sector.
  • India’s solar market almost doubled in size in 2017, making it a record year with annual PV installations touching 9.4 GW.

Read more at: ET

Topic 3 : ICT

e-pashuhaat portal

To double farmers’ income, the government launched e-pashuhaat ( portal in November 2016.

Key Facts:

  • The portal is playing a crucial role in connecting farmers, breeders and other agencies to trade in disease-free germplasm, namely live animals, frozen semen and embryos.
  • A mobile application – e-pashuhat (GPMS Transportal) – has been created and integrated with UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) application.
  • The mobile app ensures the availability of disease-free germplasm services within 100KM radius of their location.

Read more at: PIB

Paisa – Portal

A centralized electronic platform for processing interest subvention on bank loans to beneficiaries under Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM) named “PAiSA – Portal for Affordable Credit and Interest Subvention Access”, was launched.

Key Facts:

  • The web platform has been designed and developed by Allahabad Bank which is the Nodal bank.
  • To connect directly with the beneficiaries, ensuring that there is greater transparency and efficiency in delivery of services.
  • To identify key areas of concern regarding municipal finance and urban planning, and exploring the options available to resolve them by inviting senior officials / experts to shed light on best practices.

Read more at: PIB

Impact Based Forecasting Approach

A new technology called ‘Impact Based Forecasting Approach’ has been developed by IMD.


  • The objective is to assess the rise of water level in rivers and reservoirs by rain and can help state governments to minutely monitor the impact of rainfall.
  • The technique is designed to forecast the expected impact as a result of expected weather. Hazard and vulnerability are taken into consideration in this forecast approach.

Importance of the approach:

  • It will  help state governments authorities to minutely monitor impact of rainfall and take real-time decisions.
  • It will help to avoid disastrous situation.
  • It can generate scenario to help take decisions to release water or not from reservoirs after heavy downpour.

About India Meteorological Department (IMD):

  • It is national meteorological service of the country and chief government agency dealing in everything related to meteorology, seismology and associated subjects.
  • It functions under Ministry of Earth Sciences.
  • It is headquartered in New Delhi.

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