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Study and Revision Plan
September 30, 2017
Digital Payments
October 1, 2017



As per your request, we are coming up with a free test series covering all topics for the coming ESE 2018 prelims. The test series link will be enabled at 7 pm on the day as per the timetable below. 

12/12/2017 Energy & Environment
14/12/2017 ICT
16/12/2017 Ethics
18/12/2017 Project Management
20/12/2017 Material Science
22/12/2017 Engineering Mathematics
24/12/2017 Engineering Aptitude
26/12/2017 Design, Drawing and Safety
28/12/2017 Current Affairs
30/12/2017 Quality Control

For detailed study & revision plan Click here


  1. S mishra says:

    Sir and mam… You both are phenomenal. Your energy is inspiring to all of us.. !

  2. ANUP NAIR says:

    Great initiative sir.. best wishes.. 🙂

  3. Utpal Rai says:

    Thank u sir and mam .sir please check the question on NICHE. I think correct option is a.

  4. Shriya says:

    Thanx sir….great work……

  5. sushanth says:

    thank u very much sir

  6. EvolutionMax says:

    Thank you for your efforts sir,
    that was a nice test at the end.

  7. K V PRATHYUSHA says:

    Thank you so much sir..

  8. Imdad says:

    Thanks sir given test

  9. dileep says:

    Sir NICHE wala question kisme diya tha aapne plz how i missed !!!!!! plz sir tell me

  10. Amit says:

    thanku sir

  11. Anurag says:

    Unable to open ‘detailed plan’ link, please help.

  12. kirti vardhan singh says:

    I am Requesting you to please don’t stop your motivations and support with material and planning to us till IES-2018 Prelims atleast , I am ready to pay fee if required.

    Your’s faithful Pupils

    Kirti Vardhan Singh

  13. Great job sir
    You r a hero for many student who preapere itself

  14. Amrit raj says:

    Sir engg drawing ka next video upload kigiya pls please please

  15. dileep says:

    love you sir for memorable support

  16. Prabhu says:

    Sir Evs completed and thanks to you only..

  17. Ankit says:

    Love you sir..

  18. shivam says:

    Thank You a lot sir

  19. Kamlesh says:

    Thanku very much sir/mam

  20. riites says:

    sir engg drawing next video??

  21. mandakini shyam says:

    Thank you so much Chandu adapala sir and aneeja maem..i am overwhelmed , the website is such a beauty, structured to perfection.

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