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Test Series – Engineering Services General Studies 2018



We are proving a platform for our tests. For attending the test you need to register once in the site. Once registered, your can login again using your MAIL ID and PASSWORD. You can attempt all the tests here. You can also review the questions and answers multiple times. Apart from that you can track your performance and compare the results with the toppers.

How to register for the tests?

  1. Please visit the site http://testseries.gatemech.com/
  2. Click ‘Register’
  3. Fill in a valid email ID
  4. Give user name, address and profile photo(optional)
  5. Select the group as IES GS
  6. Set your own password
  7. Give a valid phone number
  8. Fill in the security code(to prove you are not a bot)
  9. Submit
  10. You will get a security code in the mail ID provided (please check your spam folder also, if it is not in your inbox)
  11. Enter the verification code and submit
  12. Login using your mail ID and password

How to attend the tests?

  1. Once you login, you can see all your test/exam details
  2. Click on ‘Buy Packages’ on the left hand side
  3. The package name is ESE General Studies Test Series
  4. Add to cart and proceed to free checkout
  5. Click on ‘Place Order’
  6. Click on ‘Free Check Out’
  7. Now your test package is ready
  8. Now you can take the tests/exams one by one
  9. You can attend each exam only once, but you can view the Questions and Answers multiple times after finishing the exam

Happy Students

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  1. Subashini P says:

    How to view the leaderboard?
    The quiz was really nice and thank you so much.
    Can’t review back the questions again.

  2. SACHIN KUMAR says:

    very nice sir


    I think there is an issue with the software, it marks that I already completed the quiz but its first time I tried.
    please do look into the matter sir.

  4. Danish says:

    How to attempt past test on the new platform for test series?

  5. pankaj says:

    I really proud on ies gs team for this great effort.
    Thanks a lot sir for such great effort, u r the hero for us.
    I hope u will continue to provide test series, we will take all series simultaneously from 20th Dec with full preparation.

  6. jagarapu harish says:

    in q.no 15 given option is “c” but in explanation is given like that please explain me ??
    India is the first country to have brought such an interoperability.

  7. Subashini says:

    Sir when we can see the test 3?

  8. IES GS says:

    All tests can be attempted at http://testseries.gatemech.com/

  9. Anil says:

    How to check response of completed test.
    Plz enlighten me.

    • IES GS says:

      Go to ‘Dashboard’
      Go to ‘My Results’
      Select the ‘View Details’ under the ‘Action’ column for the exam which you want to view the result
      You can see your Score card, Solutions and detailed analysis in this page

  10. vikas says:

    sir no test is showing on the platform

  11. sj says:

    Sir there is some problem results is not showing after submitting test.I am not able to find out the result and the question and explanation?

  12. vipul pawar says:

    how to see correct answers after completion of exam?

    • IES GS says:

      Go to ‘Dashboard’
      Go to ‘My Results’
      Select the ‘View Details’ under the ‘Action’ column for the corresponding exam
      You can see your Score card, Solutions and detailed analysis in this page

  13. sameer duttaa says:

    email id confirmation code is not received !!!

  14. dileep says:

    not getting confirmation code .also not getting any msg like forget password code on my e-mail id (spam and inbox both). plz sir help

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