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Project Management: Chapter 5: Project Evaluation & Termination
September 30, 2017
Today’s Plan
October 1, 2017

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Salient Points

  • This is a 90 days plan from 1st Oct to 30th December
  • Consists of 70 days of study plan to cover all 10 topics, including the current affairs ( from 1st October to 10th December)
  • It also has 20 days of revision plan, followed by tests on those individual subjects ( from 11th December, to 30th December)
  • Every day 8 hrs of study, 5 hr for technical, 3 hr for the GS paper 1 (30 min extra, if the current affairs also covered everyday)
  • If the news are not covered daily then, allocate some time for every 15 days to complete the same
  • Material to study: Try to follow what ever you have already studied, apart from that, we are providing source links to different concepts under each topic
  • In December consolidated current affairs will be provided, by weeding out unwanted material,  along with important topics of June and July months.


  1. Energy & Environment
  2. ICT
  3. Material Science
  4. Ethics
  5. Quality Control
  6. Design, Drawing and Safety
  7. Project Management
  8. Engineering Mathematics
  9. Engineering Aptitude
  10. Current affairs(Basic portion is optional)

Daily Plan


Engineering Subjects

General Studies(Without Daily Current Affairs)

General Studies(With Daily Current Affairs)

Time allocation

5 hours

3 hours

3.30 hours

Time subdivision

Up to you

Topics – 2.45 hrs

Revision – 15 min

Topics – 2.45 hrs

Revision – 15 min

Daily news and quiz -30min

Revision Plan

  • Revision of each topic for two days, followed with a dedicated quiz.
  • It will start on 11th December and continue upto 30th December.
  • This is again divided in to Daily revision, Periodic revision and Overall revision

Note: Basic Concepts(Static portion) in Economic, Social and Industrial Development are not included in our plan as most of these issues are covered in Daily News.





Topic Name


Energy & Environment

01/10/2017 Ecology: environment, ecosystem, biodiversity, adaptations, interactions, ecological pyramids, trophic levels, food chains,

Biogeochemical cycles, ecological footprint

IES GS material:
02/10/2017 Environment degradation and pollution: different types of pollution and pollutants, land degradation, soil erosion, desertification, global warming, ozone hole depletion IES GS material:
03/10/2017 Environment Conservation: Biodiversity conservation, pollution control, water and waste recycling, sustainable development,

Environmental  education,

national legislations

IES GS material:

NIOS material:

04/10/2017 Energy and Conservation: resources, production and distribution, pollution and waste management,

Energy conservation, energy efficiency,

renewable energy, government initiatives.

IES GS material:

IES GS material:

05/10/2017 Climate change: causes, GHG emission, effects, mitigation, adaptation, global treaties IES GS material:
06/10/2017 Global Environmental Treaties: Pollution control, waste management, ozone protection, climate change, biodiversity conservation and protection, sustainable development IES GS material:
07/10/2017 EIA: process,approval, case studies IES GS material:

Topic revision

Information & Communication Technology
09/10/2017 Communication Technologies: Mobile, satellite, telephone, broadcasting, standards – 1G-5G, GPRS, GSM etc, spectrum, technologies – multiplexing – CDMA, FDMA etc, new developments. IES GS material:
10/10/2017 Internet: types, protocols, services, social media, WWW, connections – wired and wireless IES GS material:
11/10/2017 Information processing: storage, computing, big data, cloud, AI, ML, cyber security, protection IES GS material:
12/10/2017 ICT Applications: networking, communication, education, business, governance, IoT, big data analysis, cloud computing and storage, digitisation, services. IES GS material:

IES GS material:

13/10/2017 Digital India & Other schemes: G2G, G2B, G2C services, digital infrastructure, digital empowerment, digital literacy,digital identity,  local content generation, financial inclusion,e-governance,participatory governance, m-governance, e-education, networking  etc IES GS material:

IES GS daily news




Current Affairs Revision


Current Affairs Revision

Engineering Materials
  Topic Name Source
17/10/2017 Introduction: Historical Perspective, Classification of materials.

Chemical Bonding: Structure of an atom, Periodic table, Primary bonds(ionic, covalent and metallic), Secondary bonds(dipole bond, hydrogen bond) and Anomalous expansion of water.

IES GS material:

IES GS material:

18/10/2017 Imperfections: Point defects, Line defects, Interfacial defects, Bulk or Volume defects

Optical properties: Refraction, Reflection, Absorption, Optical applications, Luminescence, LED materials, Lasers, Photo Conductivity, Optical Fibers

NPTEL lecture by Prof. Satish Kailash:                 or  

Material Science book by William D.Callister:

NPTEL lecture by Prof. Satish Kailash:

19/10/2017 Electrical properties:Electrical Conductivity classification, Energy Band structures, Superconductivity, Semiconductivity, Hall effect, n,p-type semiconductors, Polarisation, Dielectric strength, Ferro electricity, Piezo electricity NPTEL lecture by Prof. Satish Kailash:                or  

Material Science book by William D.Callister:

20/10/2017 Magnetic properties: Pauli exclusion rule, Magnetic dipoles, Magnetism, Temperature effect, Magnetic domains, hysteresis, soft, semi hard and hard magnets. NPTEL lecture by Prof. Satish Kailash:
21/10/2017 Mechanical properties of materials: stress and strain concepts, stress-strain curve for tension, Important material properties like Strength, Hardness and Fatigue etc., Elastic constants IES GS material:
22/10/2017 Ferrous materials: Classification, Types in Steels, Effect of alloying materials, Types in cast iron, Wrought iron IES GS material:
23/10/2017 Non-Ferrous metals and alloys: Properties of Aluminium, Copper, and other materials like Lead, Tin, Bearing materials and Noble metals etc.

Processing of materials: Mechanical fabrication, Thermal processing( Annealing, Quenching, Tempering), Case Hardening( Last hardening, Carburizing, Cyaniding, Nitriding)

IES GS material:

IES GS material:

24/10/2017 Ceramics: Classification, Characteristics, Crustal structure, Carbon-Diamond, Graphite, Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes, Processing methods IES GS material:
25/10/2017 Polymers: Understanding basic words, Molecular structure of polymers, Polymer classification, Different types of plastics, Properties of polymers and applications IES GS material:
26/10/2017 Composites: Particle reinforced, Fiber reinforced and Structural composites, Classification based on matrix materials, Forces and Moments in composites IES GS material:

For forces and Moments in Composites, read from below

Material Science book by William D.Callister:



Engineering Ethics

28/10/2017 Ethics theory: Values and morals, codes of ethics, ethical dilemmas, ethical decision making, virtues, attitude, persuasion, emotional intelligence, leadership etc IES GS material:

Any ethics lexicon for the definitions

29/10/2017 Ethics in Public life: Professional ethics, ethical skills, corporate governance, work ethics, corruption, right to information, whistleblowing, citizen’s charter, code of conduct, good governance, and environmental ethics IES GS material:

II ARC Report:

30/10/2017 Engineering ethics: professional codes, personal codes, values in engineering profession, ethical dilemmas, case studies IES GS material:




Current Affairs Revision


Current Affairs Revision

Standard & Quality Practices in Production, Construction, Maintenance & Services

Try to follow below text book which is very concise and to the point

1. Industrial Engineering and Management book by Dr. Ravi Shankar

2. NPTEL Course:

03/11/2017 Total Quality Management(TQM) & Continuous Improvements: What is TQM?, What is Quality?, Objectives of TQM, Quality Improvement, Quality cost, Tools of Improvement for Quality, Quality related awards Above NPTEL lectures or Text book by Dr. Ravi Shankar

Quality awards:

04/11/2017 Six Sigma: Six Sigma Framework(Five elements, DMAIC process, TQM and Six Sigma, ISO and Six Sigma

ISO Standards: Introduction, ISO 9001, ISO 9004, ISO 14000, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001, Bharat Stage Emmission norms

Six Sigma

Six Sigma NPTEL lectures:



iso 9000:


OHSAS 18001:

BS Emission Stage:

05/11/2017 Statistical Quality Control:Process control, Control chart, Acceptance plan: Advantages & Disadvantages, Accepting sampling: Simple sampling, Double sampling & Sequential sampling plans, Operating Characteristic curves and Average Outgoing Quality Industrial Engineering and Management book by Dr. Ravi Shankar

(or) NPTEL lectures

06/11/2017 Reliability: Relation between Reliability, Failure rate and MTBF, Bath Tub Curve, Means time to Failure(MTTF), Mean Time Between Failure(MTBF) Industrial Engineering and Management book by Dr. Ravi Shankar

(or) NPTEL lectures

07/11/2017 Production Performance Issues:

Inventory Control: Functions of Inventory, Inventory costs, Inventory Models: Deterministic and Probabilistic, ABC analysis and Other methods like VED analysis, FNSD, XYZ etc.

JIT  in Production: Philosophy, Push system vs Pull system, Kanban and Pull system, Preliminaries, Benefits and Evaluation of JIT

NPTEL Notes:


Industrial Engineering and Management book by Dr. Ravi Shankar

08/11/2017 Quality in Construction and Services: Its Importance, Nine factors affecting Quality of construction Service Quality



10/11/2017 Engineering Curves: Theory of cones, Conic curves generation: Ellipse, Parabola, Hyperbola, Roulettes: Cycloids, Involutes, Trochoids, Spirals, Helix IES GS Videos:


Engineering Drawing NPTEL lectures by  Robi, P.S:


Engineering Drawing book by N.D.BHATT

11/11/2017 Projections: Orthographic and Isometric projections, projection of points, lines and planes
12/11/2017 Development of surfaces: Development of lateral surfaces of right solids: Cube, Prism, Cylinders, Pyramids, Cones, Theory on frustums



14/11/2017 Under this, Basic concepts in different engineering streams like Mechanical(Only design parts like stress-strain analysis), Electrical(Basic concepts),Civil and Electronics, will be asked. This need no specialised reading but only brushing basic concepts in each stream.

Follow any standard textbook to cover these basics but no need to go for very detailed analysis.


15/11/2017 Safety Practices in various Industries Any standard books or From the daily news

Current Affairs Revision


Current Affairs Revision

Project Management

18/11/2017 Basic Concepts:Classification, Project life cycles, Level of effort IES GS material:
19/11/2017 Project Formulation & Project Organisation: Decision matrix, weighted decision matrix, Project appraisals, Financial analysis/feasibility, Methods of demand forecasting(Delphi method, Time series projection method, Causal method), Project Charter, Project organisation, Project Manager IES GS material:
20/11/2017 Project Planning & Scheduling: Tasks and Functions of project planning, Work breakdown structure(with an example of a building), Scheduling process, BAR chart, Linked chart, Milestone chart, Network diagrams, CPM, PERT, Resource levelling and Resource smoothing IES GS material:
21/11/2017 Project Monitoring & Control Process: Performance evaluation techniques: Earned value analysis. Critical ratio, Line of Balance, Graphical evaluation and review technique, Project Crashing and time-cost trade off IES GS material:
22/11/2017 Project Evaluation & Termination: Evaluation criteria and methods, Project auditing, Project termination, Project contracts, Miscellaneous topics:Enterprise resource Planning, ABC analysis etc. IES GS material:


Engineering Mathematics & Numerical Methods








Engineering Maths: Basic of important chapters

Numerical Methods: Algebraic equations solution methods, Approximate solutions of equations, Linear simultaneous equations solutions(Direct and Iterative methods), Solutions to nonlinear simultaneous equations

Follow any standard textbook or Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S Grewal

Engineering Aptitude covering Logical reasoning and Analytical ability

1,2,3,4,5,6 of Dec Basic Concepts Any standard text book or material or Book by R S agarwal
7,8,9 and 10 of Dec

Current Affairs + Any Pending Portion



11/12/2017 Energy & Environment Revison
12/12/2017 Energy & Environment Revision + Quiz
13/12/2017 ICT Revison
14/12/2017 ICT Revision + Quiz
15/12/2017 Material Science Revison
16/12/2017 Material Science Revision + Quiz
17/12/2017 Ethics Revison
18/12/2017 Ethics Revision + Quiz
19/12/2017 Quality Control Revison
20/12/2017 Quality Control Revision + Quiz
21/12/2017 Design, Drawing and Safety Revison
22/12/2017 Design, Drawing and Safety Revision + Quiz
23/12/2017 Project Management Revison
24/12/2017 Project Management Revision + Quiz
25/12/2017 Engineering Mathematics Revison
26/12/2017 Engineering Mathematics Revision + Quiz
27/12/2017 Engineering Aptitude Revison
28/12/2017 Engineering Aptitude Revision + Quiz
29/12/2017 Current Affairs Revison
30/12/2017 Current Affairs Revision + Quiz
1-5th Jan

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