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Current Affairs for Engineering Service Exam

Video Lectures and Test Series for ESE 2019


Topics list:

  1. National and International Issues on
    1. Economic Development
    2. Social Development
    3. Industrial Development
  2. Energy and Environment
    1. Energy
    2. Environment
  3. Information and Communication Technology
    1. Technology
    2. Application
  4. The Key Initiatives of Government
  5. General Knowledge

Topic 1:Social development

Prison reforms

The Supreme Court has constituted a three-member committee to look into the problems of jails in India and suggest reform measures.


  • The committee headed by former SC judge Justice Amitava Roy
  • They will look into the aspect of jail reforms across the country and suggest measures to deal with them.
  • Problems of jails across the country include overcrowding in prisons, issue of human rights of prisoners and issues concerning women prisoners etc
  • The committee would be required to suggest measures to deal with them.

Read more at:The Hindu

Topic 2 : Environment

World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)’s  ‘Tx2’ programme

Nepal is set to become the first country in the world to double its tiger population as part of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)’s ‘Tx2’ programme


  • Nepal was the first country to achieve global standards in managing tiger conservation areas, an accreditation scheme governed by the Conservation Assured Tiger Standards (CA|TS).

About ‘Tx2’ programme:

  • The World Wildlife Foundation had launched its ambitious TX2 programme at the St Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010.
  • The programme aims to double the world tiger population by 2022

Read more at: Ajazeera

Topic 3 : ICT

National e-Vidhan Application(NeVA)

  • NeVA is a member-centric, decentralised digital application that makes information available on digital platform about day to day functioning of Legislative Houses.
  • The application would host a secure page for each Member of the House for submitting Questions & other Notices.
  • The mNeVA (NeVA-mobile app) is a device neutral and user friendly app that has made information on conduct of business in Legislatures accessible anytime, anywhere to everyone.
  • It is a work-flow based app deployed in Cloud (Meghraj).
  • NeVA has made live for Rajya Sabha in respect of Monsoon Session 2018.

About e-Vidhan Project:

  • e-Vidhan is a Mission Mode Project to digitise and make the functioning of State Legislatures paperless.
  • This is part of Digital India programme.
  • It is to be used by the Legislatures as well as all the Government Department

Read more at: PIB

High-throughput satellites

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) planning four high-throughput satellites- GSAT-19, GSAT-29, GSAT-11 and GSAT-20 which aims to provide equal digital speed in rural and urban areas and bolster the overall internet speed in India.


  • GSAT-19,GSAT-29,GSAT-11 and GSAT-20 will help propel the internet speed to 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) by 2019.
  • ISRO plans to cover the entire nation with GSAT-20 that will offer a data rate of 70 gigabytes per second.
  • GSAT-29 is configured around the space agency’s Enhanced I-3K Bus.
  • The mission targets for Village Resource Centres (VRC) in rural areas to bridge the digital divide.

About High-throughput satellites:

  • These satellites provide internet connectivity many times faster, smoother and cheaper.
  • These satellites will also help the government and private businesses to take certain services like banks, ATMs, reservation systems and mobile and television networks to the remotest part of the country in a much more efficient and seamless manner.

Read more at: Financial Express

Topic 5: General Knowledge

Prithvi Defence Vehicle (PDV) Mission

India successfully conducted an interceptor missile test off the Odisha coast, achieving a major milestone in developing a two-layer Ballistic Missile Defence system.


  • The interceptor was launched from Abdul Kalam Island, earlier known as Wheeler Island.
  • PDV mission is for engaging the targets in the exo-atmosphere region at an altitude above 50 km of the earth’s atmosphere DRDO.
  • The PDV is slated to replace the existing Prithvi Air Defence (PAD)/Pradyumna Ballistic Missile Interceptor, which has a maximum interception altitude of 80 kilometers.
  • The new two-stage solid fuelled PDV interceptor is fitted with an Imaging Infrared (IIR) seeker, developed by DRDO, to distinguish between incoming warheads and decoys.
  • It is guided by high-accuracy Inertial Navigation System (INS) supported by Redundant Micro Navigation System for estimating point of interception.

Read more at: The Hindu

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