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Current Affairs for Engineering Service Exam

 Topics list:

  1. National and International Issues on
    1. Economic Development
    2. Social Development
    3. Industrial Development
  2. Energy and Environment
    1. Energy
    2. Environment
  3. Information and Communication Technology
    1. Technology
    2. Application
  1. General Knowledge

Topic 1:Social development

The Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

The Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) was launched on August 28, 2014, with an aim to provide universal access to banking facilities for all households.

New Changes:

  1. The government has enhanced the accident insurance cover to Rs 2 lakh from Rs 1 lakh for new accounts opened after August 28, 2018.
  2. The overdraft limit has also been doubled to Rs 10,000.
  3. The government has also shifted the focus on accounts from ‘every household’ to ‘every unbanked adult’.

About the PMJDY:

  • It is financial inclusion program of Government of India which is applicable to 18 to 65 years age group.
  • It aims to expand and make affordable access to financial services such as bank accounts, remittances, credit, insurance and pensions.
  • The accounts opened under PMJDY can be opened with Zero balance
  • It provides financial services, namely, Banking / Savings & Deposit Accounts, Remittance, Credit, Insurance, and Pension in an affordable manner to all.

Read more at:Times

Topic 2 : Energy

Open Acreage Licensing Policy (OALP)

The ministry of petroleum and natural gas has launched the third bidding round under the Open Acreage Licensing Policy (OALP).

About OLAP:

  • It provides uniform licences for exploration and production of all forms of hydrocarbons, enabling contractors to explore conventional as well as unconventional oil and gas resources.
  • Fields are offered under a revenue-sharing model.
  • It allows marketing and pricing freedom for crude oil and natural gas produced.

Procedure for allocating blocks:

  1. Under the OALP, once an explorer selects areas after evaluating the National Data Repository (NDR) and submits the EoI
  2. It is to be put up for competitive bidding and
  3. The entity offering the maximum share of oil and gas to the government is awarded the block.

About National Data Repository:

  • It has been created to provide explorers’ data on the country’s repositories, allowing them to choose fields according to their capabilities.
  • Data received through the National Seismic Programme, an in-depth study of 26 sedimentary basins, are continuously being added to the NDR.

Read more at: The Hindu

Topic 3 : ICT

E-cocoon app

A mobile application e-cocoon was launched for quality certification in silkworm seed sector.


  • It will help quality certification in silk worm sector.
  • The application will be used by the Seed Analysts and Seed Officers nominated under Central Seed Act for system and product certification through real time reporting.
  • India is the second largest producer of silk after China and the largest consumer of silk. India’s silk production capacity is expected to reach about 38,500 tonnes by 2020 from the current level of 32,000 tonnes.

Read more at: PIB

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