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  1. Gaurav Singh says:

    sir can you roughly give the idea that how many days one should have to devote for each GS subject, if read for 3hrs/day

    • chandu says:

      It depends on the difficulty level of each subject..Engineering related subjects, which comes under static portion, usually takes more time to understand. But where as general studies that comes under dynamic subjects, generally take less time as these are easy to understande..
      For dynamic subjects, one week is enough to cover syllabus in each topic..But you need to follow current happening in that subject(continuously until exam)..But in case of static subjects, even though they take more time initially, you will be re visiting them only for the revision and no need of updating them continuously..So roughly two months are enough and after that you can take practice tests along with revision..

  2. vinit soni says:

    sir.how to practise questions regarding gs for paper 1… provide some question bank for paper1

  3. Balkrishna says:

    sir please provide some material for ethics and value in engineering as soon as possible

  4. amar says:

    Sir ,plz provide question topic wise .
    Such as for material science

  5. Angel priscilla praveena says:

    Sir please conduct quizzes for all the other topics like you are providing for current affairs..it will be useful for us

  6. Prasanth says:

    Sir, It will be good if u provide lectures for Engineering mathematics since it is the weak point for most of the members including me.

  7. sanjay deora says:

    Kindly provide Jan 2017 to July 2017 current affairs magazine like august month edition. it will be really helpful for all the aspirants as UPSC generally ask last one-year current affairs.

  8. aditi says:

    sir i came across this site today only and really i feel blessed… thanku so much… sir please provide monthly current affairs and monthly quiz for month of September also.. like you did that for august… as sir now it will be difficult for me to cover whole September day by day… but if will provide it in compact way as you did for august then it will be amazing… from october i will cover daily… thank you once again.. god bless you 🙂

  9. chandan says:

    sir what about general studies before august

  10. immu says:

    maximum number of edges if a hexagonal prism is on horizontal plane and its rectangular sides are parallel to Vertival plane and profile plane ,is cut by a section ?? answer would be 8 i think ??

  11. b d joshi says:

    sir;will u provide Jan -aug current issues in concise way.because till Sep current issues are enough

  12. b d joshi says:

    sir;will u provide Jan -aug current issues in concise way.

  13. kamal says:

    how can i get gs class.pdf notes and are you providing any online classes for gs

  14. rajesh kumar says:

    sir, i cant find engg. design and safety on website

  15. pankaj says:

    For perlim exam upto to which month we have to study current affairs

  16. adil says:

    sir , are u going to launch yearly current affair magzine ?

  17. RAJU THOTA says:

    sir could you please provide questions on STATIC SUBJECTS
    to get an idea regarding the way THE UPSC asks questions

  18. pankaj says:

    Sir , would u provide oct-nov current affairs pdf file?

  19. sai says:

    sir what is best book for practising engineering drawing bits

  20. Gajendra kumar says:

    Hello good evening….
    You are really doing a great job for us.
    I am requested to plz tell me when will you start revision study plan?????

  21. mayank gupta says:

    Plz provide one current affair magazine as a summary of all monthly magazine. so that I can study that one within december.

  22. zia ullah klhan says:

    Dear IES GS, I have a rather peculiar question ,
    i am currently doing job in the gulf and want to attemt IES exam for first and last time as i came to know about the exam in recent times
    but my date of birth is 24/07/1989,i would like to ask you weather i will be able to write the ies 2019 prelims or not .
    i am a general category student as the age limit for general category is 30 yrs.

  23. IES GS says:

    Age limit is calculated as on August 1. ie must not have attained the age of 30 years on the 1st August, 2019. As your birthday is in July, you would be 30. So you will not be eligible as per the age limits.

  24. Vishnu says:

    Is studying the GS PAPER ..from this site enough,?
    Do i need to refer other references


    Sir, Can i get only some lecture videos ..????

    like only static part of GS & EA.

  26. abhishek reddy says:

    Is bar chart useful both for scheduling and monitoring?

  27. gunjan says:

    Dear IES GS, It is an honor to write to you as your esteemed website catches so much of attention from the audience and you’re exquisite in your work. http://www.krishonnatiyojana.com/ I hope you’d consider it. It will be very helpful of you

  28. D Bhanu prakash says:

    gud afternoon sir..

    can i get individual subjects videos and materials ?
    will u teach classes in english ?

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