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Current Affairs for Engineering Service Exam

 Topics list:

  1. National and International Issues on
    1. Economic Development
    2. Social Development
    3. Industrial Development
  2. Energy and Environment
    1. Energy
    2. Environment
  3. Information and Communication Technology
    1. Technology
    2. Application

Topic 1:Economic development

Monthly Payroll Data

India has, for the first time, introduced monthly payroll reporting for the formal sector to facilitate analysis of new and continuing employment.


  • The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) and the Pension fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) have released payroll data.
  • The payroll data, categorized age-wise, for the months September, 2017 to February, 2018 has been released on 25th April, 2018.
  • The payroll data from these three organisations would now be released every month. Given that till now there was no such system in place, this data would provide a more firm basis for various analysis and studies of the economy, job creation, as also aid in policy making.

Read more at: PIB

Topic 1:Social development

Malnutrition in India

Data on malnutrition should serve as a wake-up call for the government:


  • 38% of children are stunted
  • 35.7% are underweight in India
  • About 21% of children under the age of five are wasted (low weight for height), according to the National Family Health Survey-4 data.
  • The point is to address malnourishment through locally produced, diverse food options that the country offers

Read more at: The Hindu

Biopharma Mission

The government has secured a loan of about Rs. 1,600 crore from the World Bank to develop new vaccines, medical devices and medicines.


  • The money will be disbursed over five years and is part of the Department of Biotechnology-led National Biopharma Mission.
  • The goal is to have 6 to 10 new products in the next five years and in the process create a slew of jobs.

Read more at: The Hindu

Topic 1: Industrial development

CSIR bags National Intellectual Property (IP) Award 2018

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is awarded the National Intellectual Property (IP) Award 2018 in the category “Top R&D Institution / Organization for Patents and Commercialization’’.


  • The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) is a contemporary R&D organization.
  • CSIR Laboratories have been developing and providing Technology focused at the unmet need and the cutting edge knowledgebase and human resource on the other, for socio-economic development in the Country
  • The CSIR S&T domains range from environment to health and drinking water, from food, housing, energy to specialty chemicals & petrochemicals, glass & ceramics to mining, metals & minerals, medicinal plants, leather to machinery, instrumentation and strategic sectors including aerospace.
  • It is contributing for the Missions such as Swachh Bharat, Swasth Bharat, Samarth Bharat, Make in India, Innovate for India, Startup India and Skill India.

Read more at: PIB

Topic 2 : Energy

India’s first industrial solar microgrid

Swedish-Swiss multinational giant ABB announced it has commissioned India’s first industrial solar microgrid at its Vadodara manufacturing facility in Gujarat.


  • Microgrids with integrated battery energy storage allow cutting down of planned and unplanned power outages
  • The microgrid is the first-of-its-kind to be installed at a manufacturing campus in India and will harness the area’s abundant solar energy supply to help the expanding factory meet its growing electricity needs, while lowering its carbon footprint
  • The microgrid’s rooftop photovoltaic field and its battery-energy storage system will support the factory’s productivity and enable green power supply.
  • A sophisticated control and automation system serves as the brain of the microgrid which ensures maximizing renewable energy use.
  • The facility’s carbon footprint is expected to be reduced by around 1,400 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Read more at: ET

Topic 3 : ICT

360° Virtual Reality (VR) video on Incredible India

  • Ministry of Tourism, Government of India in collaboration with Google India today launched a 360° Virtual Reality (VR) experience video on Incredible India https://t.co/H1VdcNXBUR.
  • Incredible India in 360 degrees, as never seen before takes through a journey across Hampi, Goa, Delhi and Amritsar, and to explore the places and people that make each of these iconic Indian sites incredible

About Virtual Reality:

  • Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated scenario that simulates experience.
  • The immersive environment can be similar to the real world or it can be fantastical, creating an experience not possible in our physical reality.

Read more at :PIB

Atal New India Challenges

The Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) of the NITI Aayog  announced to launch the Atal New India Challenges, which came into being following Prime Minister’s clarion call to bring innovations and technologies relevant to the people.


  • Applicants showing capability, intent, and potential to productize technologies will be awarded grants up to Rs. One crore.
  • This initiative will focus our efforts towards solving problems in core areas, which would have a direct impact on improving lives of our citizens and will also generate employment.
  • The topics placed in different phases are aligned with India’s needs and through the support of innovation, we are ready to make a giant leap towards a New India
  • This grant support will be supplemented by mentoring, handholding,incubating and other support as needed at various stages of commercialisation. while generating wider deployment.
  • Under the Atal New India Challenge, which shall be run in collaboration with five ministries, AIM will invite prospective innovators/MSMEs/start-ups to  design market-ready products, using cutting edge technologies or prototypes across 17 identified focus areas
  • Grants shall be awarded in up to 3 tranches within 12 – 18 months, contingent on achieving milestones and up to a total of 50 grants in fiscal year 2018 – 19 may be given out.

About Atal Innovation Mission :

  • Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) including Self-Employment and Talent Utilization (SETU) is Government of India’s endeavour to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Its objective is to serve as a platform for promotion of world-class Innovation Hubs, Grand Challenges, Start-up businesses and other self-employment activities, particularly in technology driven areas.

The Atal Innovation Mission shall have two core functions:

  • Entrepreneurship promotion through Self-Employment and Talent Utilization, wherein innovators would be supported and mentored to become successful entrepreneurs
  • Innovation promotion: to provide a platform where innovative ideas are generated

Read more at: PIB

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