August 29, 2017

Project Management: Chapter4: Project Monitoring & Control Process

1.Project Monitoring & Control Process 2. Monitoring Process (on a regular basis) 2.1 Monitoring and controlling activities 2.2 Key Results from monitoring process 3. Techniques to […]
August 27, 2017

Project Management: Chapter3: Project Planning & Scheduling

Project Planning Process Steps in project planning are Task involved in project planning Functions of Project Planning 2. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Advantages/Uses of WBS Role […]
August 23, 2017

Material Science: Chemical Bonding

structure of atom Atomic number Atomic mass Isobar Isotopes Isotones Periodic table Rare earth metals Actinide series Chemical bondings Primary bonds Ionic bonding Covalent bonding Metallic […]
August 22, 2017

ICT- Applications and Government Schemes

ICT Applications and Government Schemes Networking Applications Computer Networking Business networking Social Networking Use of Social Media by Government E Governance Advantages Models Technology in Education Content […]
August 20, 2017

Project Management: Chapter1: Basic concepts

1.Project definition 1.1 Key characteristics 2. Classification projects 2.1 components of a project 3. Project Management 3.1 Groups 3.2 Features 4. Project life cycle 4.1 Initiation […]
August 18, 2017

Material Science: Mechanical Properties of Materials

1.Introduction 2.Types of deformation 3.Concepts of stress and  strain tension test engineering stress engineering strain true stress and strain 4.Stress-Strain curves for tension Proportional limit Elastic […]
August 14, 2017

Information – Processing, Storage, Security

Data and Information Information Processing Computing Different types of Computing Super Computers Applications of Super Computers Cloud Computing Advantages Applications of Cloud Computing Deployment Models Types […]
August 8, 2017

Material Science: Processing of Metals

1. Introduction 2. Mechanical fabrication 2.1 Metal casting 2.2 Forming 2.3 Machining 2.4 Joining 2.5 Powder metallurgy 3. Thermal processing of metals 3.1 Annealing process 3.2 […]
August 7, 2017

Material science: Non-Ferrous metals and alloys

1. Introduction 2. Aluminium 2.1 Aluminium alloys a) Duralumin b) Y-Alloy c) Magnalium d) Hindalium 3. Copper 3.1 Alloys of Copper a) Brass b) Bronze 4. […]